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To Sell or Wait: The Winter Edmonton Real Estate Market | ICONIC YEG

Are you considering selling your Edmonton home this winter? Many prospective sellers hesitate due to misconceptions about seasonal real estate trends. With the right preparation, understanding of market forces, and insight — even in colder months — homeowners can still achieve a successful sale! Read on to learn how you can enter the winter Edmonton real estate market with confidence and find success as a seller.

Debunking Winter Real Estate Myths

Myth #1: Nobody Buys During the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, plenty of buyers are out shopping during the colder months. In fact, Iconic YEG's busiest month for Edmonton real estate sales is February as there is little competition with other homes as most sellers decide to list in May causing a major influx in available homes and increasing sellers competition for a buyer. People who are looking for a home during the winter may be more motivated, ensuring that you have a strong pool of interested parties.

Myth #2: Houses Don't Show Well in Winter

Winter may not be the most picturesque season, but some homes shine even more in the winter months. With the right staging, lighting, and a cozy atmosphere, potential buyers can easily envision themselves living in your warm, inviting home. The key is to make sure your property is well-maintained, cleaned, and bright to attract potential buyers.

The Benefits of Selling in Winter

  • Less Competition: With fewer homes on the market, buyers may be more likely to consider your property. This competition can potentially result in a quicker sale or even multiple offers.

  • Serious Buyers: Winter homebuyers tend to be more serious about making a purchase, as they're likely facing some sort of deadline (e.g., job relocation, family growth, etc.).

  • More Real Estate Attention: Your Realtor may have more time to dedicate to your sale, as the market typically slows down during the winter months.

Tips for Selling Your Home During Winter

  1. Maintain Curb Appeal: Keep walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice. Ensure your home is well-lit, both inside and out, to impress potential buyers. Remember, first impressions count!

  2. Stage for Winter: Create a cozy atmosphere with warm, inviting decor. Use soft lighting, blankets, and candles to showcase your home's comfort during winter.

  3. Ensure Home Performance: Before listing your home, make sure that it is energy-efficient and performs well during the winter months. This will be highly appealing to potential buyers who want to keep heating costs down.

  4. Highlight Winter Features: If your home has features that are especially appealing during the winter, such as a fireplace or hot tub, make sure they are clean and well-maintained to show buyers.

  5. Work with an Experienced Realtor: Choose ICONIC YEG who has experience in the winter Edmonton market to provide valuable guidance and insight on making the most of a winter home sale.

Don't let the winter months dissuade you from selling your Edmonton home. By debunking common myths, understanding the benefits, and implementing the right strategies, homeowners can successfully navigate the winter real estate market. So, bundle up, and get ready to make that sale!


Iconic Edmonton Companies: ArtHouse Residential

The Iconic team has been long time admirers of ArtHouse Residential and their consistent focus on improving the residential development landscape within Central Edmonton. Whether its a full custom home, a garage suite or a sauna, it seems everything they build is quality and utterly iconic.

ArtHouse Residential is an Edmonton-based custom infill home builder that prioritizes collaboration and efficiency. They strive to challenge the status quo, working with clients to craft personalized sustainable homes without sacrificing lifestyle, space or aesthetics - all while helping them save money on their monthly mortgage. With a focus building dense versatile properties tailored around individual lifestyles granting access to urban experiences: building a home with Arthouse means achieving sustainability, value and ultimate style.

As Edmontonians themselves, the owners of ArtHouse care about the communities they work in.  With each new home developed by ArtHouse, not only the property its sits upon improves; the whole street, the entire community and the City of Edmonton benefits as a whole.  More recently we were conversing about the concept of aging in place and how that affects the standard perspectives of Infill homes in Edmonton. Curious on their take, the owners of ArtHouse put it best when they said:

“An aging-in-place home goes beyond maximizing your financial investment in a property. It’s also about keeping strong social connections. People often build relationships with neighbours and become invested in their community. A home and the surrounding community can contribute to your sense of identity. Adaptable homes benefit the community by enabling people of all ages and abilities to remain a part of it. Age-in-place homes help people maintain their sense of identity and connection to place.”

At Iconic we see time and time again that owners are faced with the pressure to move as their current home does not meet the standards of their changing abilities which is why we admire companies like ArtHouse who are having these conversations with their clients before they become an urgent necessity. 

Just like any long term investment, planning for the future is key.  Creating an aging-in-place home transforms a regular dwelling into an accessible, functional space for all ages. By incorporating hidden features in the layout and design of your house, you make it easier to accommodate any unexpected injuries or surgeries that could occur down the line. Not only does this guarantee added security - but if you choose to sell later on, accessibility is sure to entice potential buyers and increase your overall value.

Afterall, who wouldn't find comfort knowing they can live comfortably regardless of age?

For more information on custom home building, reach out to our friends at ArtHouse Residential.


There is more we can do. You can help.

A staggering 120,000 Ukrainians have sought refuge in Canada over the past year. Alberta specifically, has become a safe haven for more than 26,000 Ukrainian people since Russia's invasion began over a year ago. Despite not being considered refugees under Canada's immigration program, a special authorization for emergency travel was created by the federal government and offers immediate assistance payment of up to $3,000 per adult and $1,500 per child upon arrival.

Catholic Social Services is one community group working tirelessly towards supporting these newcomers whose needs continue to be complex as many Ukrainian families come without savings or connections. Catholic Social Services has been able to provide 25 government-funded hotel rooms where individuals can stay free of charge up to 2 weeks while permanent accommodations must ultimately be found elsewhere. Much assistance still remains necessary – displaced Ukrainians desperately need our help now more than ever before.

How can you help? 

1. Donate to Catholic Social Services

2. Volunteer at a local community groups helping Ukrainian newcomers

3. Spread awareness about the needs of Ukrainian people arriving in Edmonton

4. Support organizations that are offering housing and other services for new arrivals

5. Help refugees secure employment opportunities

6. Assist families with language barriers in finding support networks

7. Provide cultural orientation programs for newcomers

8. Donate quality furniture and household items

9. Offer educational opportunities and career guidance to immigrants

10. Mentor young Ukrainians who have left their homes

Iconic Yeg supports the lease up efforts at various purpose built rental buildings within central Edmonton. In partnership with the developer we have been able to adjust our approval process to ensure more Ukrainian people arriving in Edmonton have access to expedient and safe housing. Currently at 121 West, an apartment building in the Brewery District, we are offering a $0.00 damage deposit to all Ukrainian new comers; as well providing property tours and lease signings in their native language.

At Iconic YEG we were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with Catholic Social Services and through their network we were able to find our two newest employees Olena and Dmyrto!

Olena is a brilliant and dynamic leasing agent who supports our prospective tenants by finding their dream apartment that suits not only their needs, but their desired lifestyle.  Fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian, Olena has been instrumental in supporting both the Ukrainian newcomers and longstanding Edmontonians find their new homes. 

Dmytro is Iconic’s Information Technology Business Analyst, and under his guidance we have been able to develop an efficient and robust system to support our real estate, project sales, and rental operations.  Highly educated and business minded, we could not be more lucky than to have him on our team and supporting our future goals.

They have now been with our team for three months and have been absolute superstars and I am so excited to see how we grow to support future roles and employment opportunities for Ukrainian newcomers within our organization. 

For more information or if you are a Ukrainian considering a move to Edmonton, please reach out to us and we can help find housing at 121 West, The Beacon at East Junction or with some of our other rental partners.  

Contact us Here


Iconic Communities: Forest Heights

Forest Heights is the absolute best of all worlds, located on the southeast bank of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, walking distance to downtown, surrounded by mature trees and nature - some of the best Real Estate is located in the often overlooked neighbourhood in Edmonton.

Forest Heights is rich in history and maintains some of the best views of both Downtown Edmonton and the River Valley.  While some areas built upon the viewpoints in Edmonton are highly congested, Forest Heights still maintains large lots, ample nature, and a tight knit community.

While the Iconic team has sold many homes in Forest Heights because we see the obvious value in the community, here are our top reasons why you should consider calling Forest Heights your new home:

Proximity to Downtown

Forest Heights is located just minutes from downtown Edmonton, making it the perfect community for those who want to be close to the action. Downtown Edmonton is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, and Forest Heights residents can easily take advantage of all that the city has to offer.

Quiet and Safe

Despite its proximity to downtown, Forest Heights is a quiet and safe community. The neighbourhood is filled with families and young professionals, and crime rates are low. Residents can feel confident letting their children play outside or taking a walk through the neighbourhood at night.

Great Schools

Forest Heights is also home to some of the best schools in Edmonton. The public schools in the area are highly rated, and there are also a number of private schools nearby. Whether you have young children or are sending them off to college, you can rest assured that they will receive a great education in Forest Heights.

Beautiful Homes

In addition to being located in a great neighbourhood, the homes in Forest Heights are also beautiful. The houses in the area range from small starter homes to large executive homes, and there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a cozy bungalow or a luxurious estate, you'll find it in Forest Heights. Check out what we have coming soon to Forest Heights here!

Spectacular Views

Another reason why Forest Heights is the best community to live in is because of its spectacular views. The neighbourhood is situated on a hill, and many of the homes have stunning views of downtown Edmonton or the river valley. Whether you're relaxing on your patio or taking a stroll through the neighbourhood, you'll be able to enjoy some truly breathtaking views.

Close-knit Community

One of the best things about living in Forest Heights is that it feels like one big family. Neighbours know each other and look out for one another, and there's always someone around to lend a helping hand. If you're looking for a close-knit community where everyone knows your name, then Forest Heights is the perfect place for you.

It's Just Perfect!

When it comes down to it, there's no place like home sweet home...and there's no place like Forest Heights! Everything about this community makes it the perfect place to live, work, and raise a family. If you're looking for somewhere that has it all, then look no further than forest Heights!

Want to learn more about the community of Forest Heights or the properties within?  Contact us and let us show you what we love most about this iconic neighborhood in central Edmonton!

Not sure if Forest Heights is right for you, check out other Iconic Community options in Edmonton Alberta!



Knowledge is Power: Edmonton Real Estate Market

The Edmonton real estate market has been a topic of discussion for many years, and as we head into 2023, it continues to be a subject of interest for both buyers and sellers. With the ongoing pandemic and economic changes, the real estate market in Edmonton has seen its ups and downs over the past few years. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Edmonton real estate market in 2023.

Home Prices and Market Trends

As of 2023, the Edmonton real estate market is expected to remain stable, with a moderate increase in home prices. According to recent reports, the median home price in Edmonton is around $375,000, with the average price per square foot hovering around $250. These numbers are expected to rise slightly in the coming years, as demand for housing in Edmonton continues to grow.

Market trends show that detached single-family homes remain the most popular choice for homebuyers in Edmonton. However, there has been a recent uptick in demand for townhomes and condominiums, as younger buyers and first-time homebuyers look for more affordable housing options.

In terms of market conditions, Edmonton is currently experiencing a balanced market, which means that there are roughly an equal number of buyers and sellers. This makes for a healthy market, with a good balance of supply and demand.

Impact of the Pandemic

Like many other cities, Edmonton has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market, with many buyers and sellers hesitant to enter the market due to economic uncertainty.

However, as the pandemic continues to stabilize and the economy improves, we are seeing an increase in buyer and seller activity in the Edmonton real estate market. While the pandemic may have slowed down the market initially, it seems to have bounced back in recent months.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead to the future, the Edmonton real estate market is expected to remain stable and continue its moderate growth trajectory. Demand for housing in Edmonton is expected to remain steady, with the younger demographic driving demand for more affordable housing options.

The city's expanding job market and overall economic stability are expected to continue to attract people to the area, which will only fuel the demand for housing in Edmonton.

In conclusion, the Edmonton real estate market in 2023 is expected to remain stable, with moderate growth in home prices and demand for housing. With a balanced market and a steady increase in demand, the future looks bright for the Edmonton real estate market.





Top 10 Reasons to Move to Edmonton in 2023

If you're looking for a place to live that is affordable and has plenty of opportunity, you should consider moving to Edmonton, Alberta. The cost of homes in Edmonton is much more affordable than other major cities in Canada, and the job market is booming. There are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from, and the city is constantly expanding and improving its infrastructure. If you're ready for a new adventure, Edmonton is the perfect place to call home! Here are 10 reasons you will LOVE this city!

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs! The unemployment rate in Edmonton is lower than the national average, and there are plenty of opportunities for young adults to find work.
  2. The cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other major cities in Canada.
  3. If you love the outdoors, you'll be happy to know that Edmonton is home to more than 7,400 acres of parkland!
  4. There's no shortage of things to do in this city - from catching a game at Rogers Place to exploring the Alberta Legislature Building, there's something for everyone.
  5. The people who live here are friendly and welcoming - you're sure to feel right at home in no time!
  6. Winter might be cold, but that just means you can enjoy all the winter activities this city has to offer, like ice skating and downhill skiing.
  7. And when the warmer months roll around, there are plenty of festivals and events to keep you entertained all summer long.
  8. Want to get away from it all? Edmonton is located close to some stunning natural attractions like Jasper National Park and Banff National Park
  9. This city is also a great place for foodies! With a thriving restaurant scene, you'll never go hungry here..
  10. Last but not least, moving to Edmonton will give you the chance to experience everything this amazing province has to offer! From its rich history and culture To its beautiful landscapes , there's so much waiting for you here.. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make the move today!
Want to know more about Edmonton?  Call us, we love to chat all things YEG!

 Live a Life of Luxury in East Junction’s THE BEACON

The newest and most luxurious apartment building in Edmonton is here. THE BEACON at East Junction offers penthouse amenities, concrete construction, luxury finishes, and stunning views of Downtown Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. It's everything you could want in an apartment—and more! 

The first tower in this sought-after development is THE BEACON, located at the apex of Edmonton’s East Junction. This premier complex provides residents with top-notch amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, high-end appliances and fixtures, onsite storage spaces for bikes and strollers, underground parking and more! And that's just scratching the surface! In addition to these fantastic amenities, there are also several options for dining and entertaining in the immediate area. From pubs to fine dining restaurants to cafes—East Junction has it all!

For those looking for unparalleled views from their apartment window or balcony (or both!), look no further than THE BEACON. With its panoramic views of Downtown Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River Valley, you can take in the beauty of Alberta’s capital city every day. Whether you’re hosting friends for drinks on your balcony or enjoying your morning cup of coffee while admiring the view from your living room window—you won’t be disappointed. Plus, with concrete construction throughout all units and soundproof walls between each floor—you can rest assured that noise won't be an issue either!

With so many great features available right outside your doorstep (literally) why not make THE BEACON your new home in 2023? In-person tours are starting in Januray and move ins anticipated for March 2023!


Top 10 Reasons to Move to Edmonton in 2023

While the economic outlook across Canada looks pretty bleak as, according to Chrystia Freeland, Federal Finance Minister said Wednesday that

"Difficult days ahead as Canada's economy shows signs of weakness". 

While that may be true for Canada as a whole, Alberta is poised to maintain stability despite the national challenges. ATB Financial deputy chief economist Rob Roach said recently that:

We’re still going to experience those rough waters here in Alberta, but because we’re doing a little bit better — commodity prices and other positive things — we’ll be able to weather that storm a little bit better than other places. Energy, commodities and agriculture will be the “main drivers” of Alberta’s economic growth”.

People of all demographics are flocking to Alberta for economic stability and opportunities not seen or projected in other parts of the country.  Still need more reasons to move to Edmonton?  Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Move to Edmonton:

1. The cost of living is affordable

If you’re sick of the high cost of living in major Canadian cities, then moving to Edmonton may be the right choice for you. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Edmonton is only $935 CAD, while the same type of apartment in Toronto costs an average of $2,260 CAD.

2. The economy is strong. 

Boosted by strong commodity prices, Alberta's economy is forecast to grow 5.0%  in 2022 and 3.0% next year and will be one of the top performers in the country this year.

3. There are plenty of jobs available. 

Alberta’s unemployment rate has ticked down every month since October 2021 and fell to the lowest level in seven years in July. 

4. You can enjoy a high quality of life without spending a lot of money. 

Living in Edmonton is more affordable, than other provinces. Edmonton offers higher incomes and lower cost of living due to no provincial sales tax, no health care premiums, and low average rental prices.

5. The city is growing quickly and there are lots of new opportunities opening up all the time. 

Alberta added 40,253 residents in the second quarter of 2022, boosted by accelerating interprovincial migration gains and continued strength in immigration.

6. Edmonton is a great place to raise a family. 

With its low crime rates and abundance of green space, Edmonton is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada. As well, Edmonton is home to some of the best post-secondary institutions in Canada. Amongst many specialized post-secondary institutions, three highly rated schools, MacEwan University, NAIT, and the University of Alberta, obtain admissions from around the world.  

7. There are plenty of cultural activities and events happening throughout the year. 

Edmonton is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to numerous museums, art galleries, and performance venues. There are also many festivals and events held throughout the year, including the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Fringe Theatre Festival.

8. The people in Edmonton are friendly and welcoming. 

Most people who move to Edmonton are impressed by the friendliness of Edmontonians.

9.It’s easy to get around the city – there are lots of transportation options available.

There are plenty of ways to get around the city. You can take the bus, the train, or a taxi. Or, if you want to explore on your own, you can always rent a bicycle or walk. Whatever means of transportation you choose, you'll be able to get where you need to go easily.

10. Edmonton offers endless possibilities for outdoor recreation – from skiing or snowboarding in the winter months, to hiking or biking during the summertime!

From hiking and camping in the beautiful river valley, to cycling and picnicking in one of the many parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With numerous trails and recreational areas to explore, Edmonton is the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to move, we hope that this list has helped tip you in favor of Edmonton. With its affordable housing, great job market, and wonderful community spirit, there are plenty of reasons to call Edmonton home. Are you convinced? If so, get in touch with us – we can help make your move a smooth one.


Q3 Edmonton Real Estate Market Update

Edmonton Real Estate Market Report: Quarter Three, 2022

2022 has been a wild ride with extreme changes, not unlike the weather in Edmonton.  Unprecedented amount of factors including the pandemic, rising interest rates, gas prices, inflation, and the war in Ukraine all contributed to an everchanging and quick adjustments in the Real Estate market.

The first quarter offered sellers an incredible opportunity as interest rates remained low, buyers were highly active, and inventory was sparse.  With lineups out front doors, multiple offers, and quick sales - buyers were at an incredible disadvantage and some were left with nothing to buy. While sellers who acted fast and listed their homes early in the year, enjoyed the quick sales and opportunity to move.

The second quarter of the year brought many more sellers to the market as they were catching wind of how much and how fast properties were trading for at the start of the year and buyers began to get a reprive from the agressive market; however homes in the SW of Edmonton continued to prevail as the hottest and most in demand homes.

This past quarter has been much slower than the previous two, ending with lots of available inventory that does not quite match the current needs of buyers.  A shocking 70% of all Single Family Homes that sold during Q3 in Edmonton were under $500,000; while currently only 60% of available invertory is priced at that level.

Fewer homes sold in Q3 of 2022 than they did in Q3 of 2021:

What is more interesting, is the value of the homes that sold in Q3 of 2022.  Over 70% of all Single Family homes sold, in Edmonton, were under $500,000:

The current available inventory of homes for sale in Edmonton does not match the previous wants of buyers, with a higher level of inventory in the luxury market then is actually selling.

If you are a seller in this market, there are a few tips to stay competitive to get your house sold before winter takes hold:

For Sellers:

  • PRICE: Currently, buyers tend to be pickier about the price they’re willing to pay due to rising interest rates and a lower affordability threshhold. Really hone in on the listing price you’re comfortable with — if you want to sell quickly, consider listing it on the lower side.
  • CURB APPEAL: Never underestimate the power of a well-manicured lawn and pretty flower boxes to grab the attention of potential buyers. Make sure the front of your house is looking its best — you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Buyers often drive around their preferred neighbourhoods window shopping, so give them show-stopping curb appeal they can’t ignore.
  • KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES: While hiring a house inspector is usually done by buyers making an offer, get ahead of the game and hire one as a seller. Having that report available for potential purchasers takes one task off their plate and that might swing the scales.
  • SHOW THE BEST: Nothing puts off potential buyers like a home they can’t even see thanks to stacks of papers, overflowing cupboards and messy countertops. Go through each room and pack up 50 per cent of the “stuff” — then store, donate or trash it. When people walk into their potential dream home, they want to see large, airy rooms not shelves packed with personal knickknacks.
  • APPEAL TO THE MASSES: Millennials make up the largest cohort of buyers in Canada right now so consider adding features that appeal to this generation. Consider upgrading lighting, hardware or even appliances - $2000 upfront could mean the difference of a sale.
  • STAND OUT:  it’s all about making your property stand out in a sea of comparable properties. Offering something more creative than just your regular financial incentives, such as prepaying taxes or a year’s worth of landscaping services or paying homeowners’ association dues are just two examples of outside-the-box incentives.


If you are a buyer in this market - you may be able to secure that high value home at a much lower price; however read below for tips on maximizing the value in this current market:

For Buyers:

  1. Get Pre-Approved: There is nothing more defeating then looking at a home you come to learn, you can not afford.  It also gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best deal and the best interest rates. 
  2. Work with an Agent: Even before you start looking, even before you attend an open house.  A professional can and will give you more options and ensure you stay on the competitive track when negotiating for your dream home.
  3. Have a Buget and a Plan:  Of course, you won’t be able to afford everything on your wish list. So, make two lists: everything you want in a home and everything you can’t live without.   
  4. Do Not Get Dstracted by the Pretty Things.  Houses are an investment, they cost money.  Shocker right?  When you have the pick of available homes you should put higher value in the mechanical and structural integrity of the home.  Roof! Furnace! Windows! Plumbing! Electrical! Foundation!  These are the BIG TICKET items that should be the highest priority - not the wallpaper in the bathroom.
  5. Consider Future Revenue: With so much uncertainty about the economic future, you might want to consider purchasing a home that could or does have a secondary suite (ie. basement suite).  While you never have to rent it, having the option in the future could offset some expences if jobs, economy, or life took an unexpected turn.
  6. Location is Everything.  A home can be renovated, the location cant.
  7. Put Together an ICONIC Home Buying Dream Team: including an experienced  real estate agent, professional home inspector and mortgage lender; if you’re buying investment property, add a tax expert and a real estate attorney. All of these professionals should willingly and kindly share their knowledge and expertise. If not, find someone else.

Everyone needs a plan, and we can help.

 If you are a buyer or a seller looking to make a move in Edmonton - contact us for more information on how to be the most competitive and ensure you are getting the highest level of value.


Moving To Edmonton? Top Area Series: Riverdale

Moving to Edmonton comes with its own unique set of challenges: How do you find a place to live?  What neighbourhood should you choose? This series aims to help you not only help you find your perfect home, but help you find your ideal neighbourhood!

So you are moving to Edmonton?! Whether you’re relocating for a job, to go to school, to pursue a passion, or simply for a new adventure, you’re far from alone, according to Avenue Living:

"Living in Edmonton provides great value for money with lower monthly rent than Calgary, another major city in Alberta. While, oil and gas is the key industry, there are other great working opportunities in education, police services, health & medical, and government"

In this series we will identify the best areas, according to us, that you should consider when you are moving to Edmonton - first up: Riverdale!

Riverdale - Edmonton's Garden Community


 The area which would later be called Riverdale was the first industrial suburb of Fort Edmonton and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. Even today, in 2022, it is one of three neighbourhoods nestled among the River Valley in Edmonton.

Once it was home to the Cree, a First Nations people. The search for gold in the 1860s saw early European visitors, and they were followed in the next 30 years by settlers who established wheat fields, steamboat landings, ferries, lumber and grist mills, coal mines and a brickyard. Workers first lived on site, but soon spread beyond the bunkhouses. Everyone called this area Fraser Flats, after the owner of the lumber mill.
Clay, water and abundant trees for fuel made this river flat a perfect place to make brick. The needs of a growing town and the enterprising spirit of James Brown Little combined in 1893 to found a century-long dynasty of brick makers. Said to be “the most consistently high-quality brick of its time,” the Little product helped build early 20th century Edmonton. J.B. and his descendants established many long-standing social traditions of the district and sponsored hockey and baseball teams for years. Today the brickyard has been developed into residential house, but J.B.’s brick house still stands and is home to Little Brick, a trendy café enjoyed by Riverdalians and river-valley visitors alike.
In 1905 the area was subdivided and a land boom quickly saw the present residential shape take form. Determined and hard-working neighbours knit together a highly-textured social fabric that continues to this day: some families are sixth-generation.  - Riverdale Community League

What does Riverdale offer?

Besides the immense River Valley network where the average central Edmontontian can be found cycling, running, hiking, or boating - Riverdale offers so much more, and these are our top destinations:

  1. Dawson Park
  2. Dog Patch Restaurant
  3. Little Brick Cafe
  4. Tawatinâ Footbridge
  5. Edmontons Funicular

If you are considering a move to Riverdale or have questions, contact me - we can grab a coffee or go for a walk and check out all the best spots!


Four Reasons Why You’ll Want To Call Edmonton’s Brewery District Home

With a unique blend of services, shops, and restaurants, The Edmonton Brewery District is perfectly conducive to hassle-free urban living. Here are a few reasons why you will want to call it home:

The Brewery District is Home to a Diverse Population of Edmontonians

Students, seniors, and young professionals alike have made their homes in the centre of the city. Families, empty nesters, and young adults out on their own for the first time effortlessly create an attractive vibe in The Brewery District that makes it feel welcoming, accessible, and inclusive. With amenities to support residents of all ages and stages of life, there is something for everyone.

Shop ‘til You Drop

The surrounding amenities provide everything you need just a few steps out of your front door. Loblaw’s City Market is your one-stop-shop for all
your favourite products. Offering fresh produce, ready-made food for on-the-go, and household essentials, you can shop for quality items at affordable prices. They also offer curbside pickup for those continuing to be COVID-conscious. With over 40,000sqft of space, GoodLife Fitness attracts fitness lovers from all over the central core who are looking for an affordable, full amenity workout space. Your journey to optimizing your health and wellness will be well supported with GoodLife’s group classes, personal trainers, and accessible exercise equipment.

Another popular anchor store in The Brewery District is MEC, which serves the adventure enthusiasts of the neighbourhood. Supplying all the essentials for outdoor activities, you’ll find yourself planning your next adventure as you browse the aisles.

Access to Educational Institutions

One of the benefits of The Brewery District is its ideal location for those wanting to be in close proximity to fantastic educational
institutions. MacEwan University is just down the road from The Brewery District – accessible on foot during the warmer months and serviced by frequent public transport for the colder seasons. Students, faculty, and staff will love the ease of living close to the University as they create that “University Town” feel in the middle of the city. Without the stress of a commute, The Brewery District is the perfect place to put down roots if you’re affiliated with the University.

For those with kids in grade school, Edmonton Academy is in the neighbourhood to offer specialized teaching for students who have learning challenges. Additionally, Oliver School also offers K-9 programs within the Edmonton Public School system.

Nearby Outdoor Spaces

Even though The Brewery District is located just alongside the downtown core, there is no shortage of outdoor spaces. Paul Kane Park offers a
great picnic spot with a water feature, tall trees for shade, paths, and benches for you to relax on your Sunday morning stroll. It is a serene spot loved by the community, and you might just be lucky enough to spot a small wedding or photography session taking place.

If you’re looking for a place to cool off during the summer heat, Oliver Outdoor Pool and a park are just across the road. Kept at a comfortable 29°C, Oliver Pool is a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that is easily accessible for urban residents. There are change rooms on site, a water slide, a sundeck, and a concession stand for when you’re feeling peckish. Keep in mind, their 2021 summer season is running at reduced capacity, so book a spot in advance!

Just a few blocks from The Brewery District sits the new Manchester Square re-development boasting its unique architecture and European-like grace. An outdoor fountain, promenade, and 19 locally owned businesses call this getaway spot home. This is the perfect spot to escape for an afternoon on foot with a coffee in hand and a reusable bag full of goodies.

Of course, most importantly is 121 West – the one place you will want to call home to be nearby all the places you’ll love to explore in The Brewery District. 

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