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NEW LISTING: 1061 109 ST in Edmonton

I have listed a new property at 1061 109 ST in Edmonton. See details here

Step into a world of homeownership where exterior maintenance, structural insurance, landscaping, snow removal, and water/sewer services are all managed for you. This 2-story half duplex, situated opposite Bearspaw Ravine, offers nearly 2200 square feet of living space. The main floor boasts a spacious primary bedroom with a luxurious 6-piece ensuite, a grand living room, and a generous dining area. The kitchen has been tastefully renovated and includes a cozy breakfast nook. Upstairs, you'll find a second bedroom, a den, and a loft area that can serve as an additional living space or home office. Outside, the private backyard oasis features full southern exposure, a new composite deck, and raised garden boxes. This property also includes an attached double garage. Complex is incredibly well managed, newer roofs, siding, windows, exterior doors and more. Enjoy proximity to Bearspaw Ravine, an off-leash dog park, LRT access, and shopping amenities. Convenience is at your doorstep.


NEW LISTING: 11414 81 ST in Edmonton

I have listed a new property at 11414 81 ST in Edmonton. See details here

With ultra-high ceilings and loft vibes, this unique property has TWO above-grade kitchens, new furnace, hot water tank, electrical, plumbing, roof, and windows. The home boasts a spacious, west-facing backyard, double detached garage, and over 2000 sqft of living space with 5 bedrooms and a bonus loft. This home sits on a quiet cul-de-sac close to NAIT, the Royal Alex Hospital, Kingsway Mall, Commonwealth Stadium, and downtown. The kitchen's feature updated stainless steel appliances - including dishwashers. The attic has been converted into an extra bedroom or bonus space. Upon entry, bask in the abundant natural light from oversized windows and the timeless character preserved throughout. With a 10-foot ceiling height, a spacious west-facing backyard, a double detached garage, and carport, the property offers immense potential. Experience this rare gem in Parkdale.


Unlocking Opportunity: Hiring Ukrainian Newcomers in Alberta

Canada stands as a beacon of hope for the more than 7,000,000 Ukrainians who have fled their homeland, and over 210,000 Ukrainian newcomers who have been granted special visas to start a new life. It's a wave of human potential landing on the shores of Alberta, presenting a unique yet compelling opportunity for local businesses.

The Alberta business landscape has always celebrated a culture of innovation, unity, and hard work. Now, more than ever, there's a call to action to extend a hand to those who are eager to work and contribute to our local economy. Ukrainian newcomers are more than just numbers; they are individuals with unique skills, expertise, and a profound sense of perseverance.

By actively recruiting and hiring Ukrainian newcomers, Alberta businesses can leverage a rich, diverse talent pool that can enrich their work environments and contribute to their growth in unexpected ways.

The Ukrainian Newcomers Situation in Alberta

The statistics speak volumes: with over 15,000 Ukrainian newcomers having already found their way to Edmonton, and hundreds more arriving every month, the Ukrainian community in Alberta is rapidly growing. The UCC-APC's establishment of an online job board reflects the community's eagerness to integrate into the local workforce. Despite the challenges of language and credential recognition, the sheer numbers and the resiliency they offer demand acknowledgment and support from local employers.

"They are here to start over, support their families, and be of value in almost any role they can." - Edmonton Business Owner

The Advantages of Hiring Ukrainian Newcomers

A Strong Work Ethic and Motivation

Ukrainian newcomers possess a storied legacy of persistence born from adversity. Their upbringing in a country rich with historical rigors has instilled a work ethic that is second to none. Whether they held executive positions back home or were craftsmen, the Ukrainian workforce is eager to prove their worth and build a new life within Alberta's bustling business ecosystem.

Diverse Skill Sets and Educational Backgrounds

Many Ukrainian newcomers are highly educated professionals with diverse industry experience. From engineers to data analysts, the Ukrainian diaspora offers a wide range of expertise that can fit into various sectors. Their education, combined with willingness to learn and adapt, presents businesses with a tailor-made opportunity to reshape their teams and add fresh perspectives.

Willingness to Contribute and Adapt

An existential war does not breed complacency but rather a relentless drive to forge ahead. Ukrainian newcomers bring this adaptive mentality, offering an open-mindedness that can seamlessly blend with your existing company culture. They are not just willing to contribute; they are eager to do so in roles that match their skills and aspirations.

Potential for Long-Term Value to Businesses

The decision to hire Ukrainian newcomers should not be viewed as a short-term response to a crisis but as a long-term investment. Businesses that recognize and harness the potential of this workforce are setting the stage for future growth and evolution. By providing an environment that fosters development and supports integration, companies can cultivate loyalty and dedication among these new employees.

The Challenges and Solutions

Addressing Cultural Integration and Language Barriers

One of the primary challenges for Ukrainian newcomers is adjusting to a new culture and language. Employers can overcome these barriers by offering cultural sensitivity training and language programs. Creating a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and provides the necessary tools for integration is key to a successful transition for these employees.

Providing Support and Training Programs

Businesses should proactively develop support systems to ease the transition for Ukrainian newcomers. This may include mentorship programs, support for obtaining Canadian accreditation when required, and access to resources that help with the settlement process. Training programs focused on specific industry requirements can also bridge skill gaps and empower these individuals to excel in their roles.

Leveraging Their Talents Effectively in the Workforce

Recognizing Ukrainian newcomers' credentials and experiences is essential to maximizing their potential within Alberta's workforce. Employers should work with relevant organizations to facilitate the recognition of international qualifications and ensure that these professionals can contribute at a level that reflects their capabilities.

The Benefits for Employers

Enhanced Diversity and Creativity in the Workplace

A diverse workforce is a creative one, bringing together a multitude of perspectives that can drive innovation. Ukrainian newcomers can infuse your business with fresh ideas and approaches, leading to enhanced problem-solving and a more dynamic work environment.

Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

By supporting the integration of Ukrainian newcomers, businesses demonstrate a commitment to their communities and global humanitarian efforts. This aligns with corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals and can be a source of pride for employees and customers alike.

Building a Positive Reputation as an Inclusive Employer

Employers who take a proactive stance in hiring Ukrainian newcomers can enjoy a positive reputation as an inclusive and forward-thinking organization. This not only enhances employer branding but can also attract a broader talent pool and support long-term business success.

Call to Action

We call upon the business leaders of Alberta to rise to the occasion and recognize the incredible opportunity that lies in hiring Ukrainian newcomers. This is more than a chance to fill roles within your companies; it's an opportunity to be at the forefront of societal change, to lead with empathy and vision, and to actively contribute to building a compassionate and inclusive community. The shared future of Alberta depends on the decisions we make today. By opening your doors and providing meaningful opportunities to these hardworking individuals, you're not just supporting their dreams of a better life; you're also investing in the diversity and strength of our economy. We urge you to take this step, to be part of a collective effort that values action, a sense of community, and the undeniable benefits that come from embracing and valuing all talents and perspectives.

Do you want to get started hiring or have questions about the process? 

Contact me

Let’s discuss my personal experience and how you can get your business started on hiring some of the best talent this province has seen in decades!



Celebrating Inspirational Women: International Women's Day

On March 8th, we celebrate International Women's Day—a global moment that not only honors the achievements and challenges of women around the world but also champions the ongoing struggle for gender equality. It's a day that encapsulates the spirit of empowerment, resilience, and the unfaltering grace of the women who inspire us. To each of these incredible women, in our personal lives and throughout history, this is a celebration of you—of us.

Honoring Women Trailblazers

The fight for gender equality is a tale as old as time, with fearless women at its forefront. Generations have been inspired by the audacious step of one and the resolute voice of many. From Grace Annie Lockhart and Emma Baker, Canadian woman who paved the way for women's right to higher education, to the groundbreaking achievements of Dr. Roberta Bondar and Commander Josée Kurtz, these trailblazers refused to accept the limitations society imposed on them. They carved new paths, changed perceptions, and left legacies that continue to inspire us today.

As we bridge the past to the present, it's important to recognize that the spirit of these trailblazers lives on in the women who are shaping our contemporary world. Leaders like Angela Merkel and Jacinda Ardern have redefined statesmanship by demonstrating poise, compassion, and strength in their governance. Simultaneously, the barriers in the business world are crumbling, with women like Indra Nooyi and Paulette Senior revolutionizing their industries. These examples, among countless others, prove that the pursuit of excellence knows no gender.

Empowering Women in Different Spheres

In every corner of the globe, women are breaking molds and setting new standards. Whether it's in the boardroom, the laboratory, or on the frontlines of social movements, there's a powerful narrative of transformation and impact. Female CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators are proving that business acumen and leadership aren't the exclusive domain of men. Women in STEAM fields are making discoveries and advances that are shaping the future. Activists and community leaders are galvanizing change that transcends borders and cultures.

One remarkable aspect of this empowerment is the increasing visibility of women in traditionally male-dominated fields. The resilience of these women, who have faced and overcome systemic challenges, is both humbling and inspiring. Their stories are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and an unwavering dedication to their craft. It's through their triumphs and their setbacks that we learn valuable lessons about perseverance and the pursuit of passion.

Sharing Personal Stories

Every woman has a story, a narrative of trials and triumphs that have made her who she is. These personal tales are powerful because they resonate on a universal level—they're stories of family, friendship, love, loss, and the quest for identity and purpose. By sharing these stories, we not only connect on a deeply emotional level but also inspire through relatability and shared experience.

On International Women's Day, it's important to pause and reflect on the individual women who have touched our lives and inspired us. It may be a mother who worked tirelessly to provide for her family, a mentor who offered guidance and support, or a friend who faced her fears and emerged stronger. Each of these stories adds a layer to the rich tapestry of womanhood and underscores the collective power of our experiences in shaping a more inclusive and empathetic world.

Call to Action

The spirit of International Women's Day should not be confined to a single day of recognition but should permeate our actions and attitudes throughout the year. We are called to support initiatives that foster gender equality, to amplify the voices of women in the workplace and beyond, and to mentor and uplift the next generation of leaders.

Our very celebration is an act of resistance against the status quo—a reminder that the fight for equality is far from over. We must continue to push for policies and societal norms that empower women to thrive and succeed. Through charitable giving, volunteering, and simple acts of solidarity, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of women everywhere.


International Women's Day is more than just a day on the calendar; it is an affirmation of the worth and potential of every woman. It's a celebration of the women who have inspired us, a recognition of their achievements, and a call to arms for the work that remains. By standing strong, supporting one another, and fostering an environment of inclusion, we pave the way for a future where all women can live, learn, and lead to their full potential.

This International Women's Day, and every day, it is my honor to celebrate the extraordinary women who inspire me—from the trailblazers of the past to the change-makers of today and the young leaders of tomorrow. It is your strength, your wisdom, and your spirit that make the world a better place. Here's to you, and the bright future you continue to shape in a world that is inclusive and empowered, we shall all rise.


NEW LISTING: 5434 144B AVE in Edmonton

I have listed a new property at 5434 144B AVE in Edmonton. See details here

Discover elegance at 5434 144B Avenue, a fully renovated townhome blending sophistication with modern comforts in Casselman, Edmonton. This home boasts luxurious updates, a custom kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and chic laminate flooring perfect for pets and families. Benefit from a finished basement adaptable as a home theater or office, energy-saving lighting, and a serene, private yard. Located in a vibrant community close to all necessities, this residence is more than just a home—it's a sanctuary designed with your lifestyle in mind. Experience unmatched living with style, functionality, and convenience at every turn. Welcome to your dream townhome, where every detail caters to a life of luxury and ease.

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